A Bright Light A Space Smile Kaohsiung Taiwan 2

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Two Star Hotel A Bright Light A Space Smile Kaohsiung Taiwan

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A Bright Light A Space Smile Kaohsiung Taiwan
Kaohsiung Taiwan Hotels : A Bright Light A Space Smile Kaohsiung Taiwan

A Bright Light A Space Smile Kaohsiung Taiwan

Kaohsiung Taiwan Kaohsiung Taiwan, Kaohsiung Taiwan
Phone: +3117552736 Star rating: Two Star. Room rates: $9 - $63
A Bright Light A Space Smile Kaohsiung Taiwan is a Two Star Hotel in Kaohsiung Taiwan

   A Bright Light A Space Smile Kaohsiung Taiwan offers comfort and convenience if you're on business or holiday in Kaohsiung Taiwan. The property features many facilities to create your stay an enjoyable experience. Free Wi-Fi in most rooms, daily housekeeping, gift/souvenir shop, 24-hour front desk, Wi-Fi in public areas are a few of the facilities on offer. A number of the well-appointed guestrooms feature slippers, separate family room, television LCD/plasma screen, mirror, internet connection wireless. Take a break coming from a long day and make use of gymnasium, sauna, outdoor pool, spa, massage. No matter what your reasons are for visiting Kaohsiung Taiwan, A Bright Light A Space Smile Kaohsiung Taiwan forces you to feel instantly at home.
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